“Precarious princess walks,  butterfly runs and shaky sautés that land in a very imperfect plié all make up the loveliness of children’s ballet"

Teaching Ballet Creatively

There is nothing more endearing than a look back at yesteryear .

Your Personal Dance Journal

There are many  more please email   for additional names

It has two hundred pages for all your dance notes. Write about all the dance performances you have seen or would like to   see in the future under the dance dates section. Use this personalised dance journal to note down your dance aspirations under the dance aims section,   and then track your progress every day in the  dance journal part of the book .

Select the journal with your name and use this personalised dance journal to note down all of the things you need to remember when you leave your dance class.

Use this dance Journal as your personal dancer diary. It will be a great memento to read years later. Reflect back on your progress in dance and the things you have achieved over time.