“Precarious princess walks,  butterfly runs and shaky sautés that land in a very imperfect plié all make up the loveliness of children’s ballet"

Teaching Ballet Creatively

Online Training

Certificate of  Teaching Ballet Creatively

Online dance study at your own pace

The  Teaching Ballet Creatively Course is a long distant,  self directed programme that offers  students the opportunity to improve their teaching practice and discover new ways to teach pre-ballet.

This  online programme  will   provide new teachers  with a rich resource of teaching material that  can be used over  an entire curriculum.

The programme can be studied from anywhere in the world so long as you have Internet access. Students on  this programme  are given  the opportunity to improve teaching skills and  develop content  material  without the  inconvenience of having to attend  workshops and seminars. Students are free to  work at  their own  pace allowing  the flexibility to study when it is convenient.


What are the entry requirements?
A background in dance  is  an essential requirement for this programme.  A background in ballet at intermediate level  or more is  ideal for this programme.

How is the programme taught?

Theis is  a self directed study  programme.  There are  ten units for which  students are required to devise and write about creative  concepts to facilitate  pre ballet learning.  These concepts are  then submitted for assessment.

When  does the programme start?
The programme does not  have a start date,  but all modules are to be completed within one year. Some may complete the programme in less than  six months .

What does the course cover?
The programme covers a range of  components  that enhance  a child’s  experience in a ballet class.  Areas covered include  class structure,  content, class management,  use of props and many other components.

What  certificate is awarded?

Certificate of  Teaching Ballet Creatively
Pre-Ballet Studies

How is the work assessed?
All course  assignments  and feedback are sent  via email.   Students  are required to return work for assessment in the same manner.  

What is needed for study?
Students will need a copy of  Teaching Ballet Creatively and an optional  supplementary reading list for the programme.

What is the cost

Who  do I contact if I have any other questions?
Please click here to  

*Please note that this is a supplementary programme  for  dance
professionals . This programme is not to be viewed
as an alternative to standard dance training.

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Judy John-Baptiste